Game Designer: Pavel Atamanchuk
Artwork: Marina Kunakasova, Sergey Dulin, uildrim

45–60 min



Game Overview

Architectura is a highly interactive city-building euro game. The players take turns playing the cards to the city grid of blocks and streets. Each card has its own value, and it may change during the game because of other cards.

In this game your table will turn into a grid of city streets and blocks. Each building you construct will affect the value of the adjacent buildings, or will even destroy them! Let’s say you’ve just built a magnificent temple. A vulgar market around the corner doesn’t belong there anymore, and has to be shut down right away. But a park near the temple’s entrance will definitely be a good match and will even profit from the divine proximity.

Rotate the cards to change their values, resolve their special effects and do your best to carefully manage your options to become the best architect of the city!

International Publishers

Key Selling Points

Highly interactive euro game
Only 12 cards in the basic player deck, but endless profitable tactics and combinations
Assymetrical though perfectly balanced advanced decks for even higher replayability
Aesthetically pleasing artwork
High-quality merchandise: neoprene playmat (460×670 mm)


72 building cards

8 block cards

8 protection tokens

Game Rules

English Review by Board Game Quest — Reading Time: 3 min.

4.5 Stars – A simply fantastic, filler city building game.

English Review at — Reading Time: 5 min.

The rules take less than five minutes to understand and one to two minutes to explain.

English Review in the blog All the Meeples of the Rainbow — Reading Time: 2 min.

We need more jaw-dropping art like this box cover. Love it! Fun game inside too and will gladly bring this one back to the table soon.

English Review by ArdillaLudopata — Reading Time: 1 min.

I will play it again!

English Review at — Reading Time: 4 min.

In my opinion, it is a must have game.

English Review at — Reading Time: 4 min.

A nice, simple game with good artwork.

English-Spanish Review by @BoardGame4Fun — Reading Time: 3 min.

Awesome group game that is easy to play, and may be addictive!

Un juego fantástico para grupos que es fácil de jugar… ¡y es adictivo!

German Review by HeimSpiele — Reading Time: 2 min.

Das Spiel bietet angenehme Abwechslung, recht schickes Material und an sich einen gediegenen Einstieg und Spielverlauf.

German Review by Brett&Pad — Reading Time: 4 min.

Architectura steht auf einem gesunden Fundament: schicke Optik, kompakte Spielgröße und hohe Interaktion.

Italian Review by I Giochi Del Topo — Reading Time: 6 min.

L’architettura potrebbe sembrare un’arte calma e gentile, ma a quanto pare anche in questo settore la rivalità regna sovrana. Ne è una chiarissima testimonianza il gioco intitolato “Architectura”.

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