Keen Up!

Clean Up, Keep Up!

Game Designer: Nikolay Pegasov
Artwork: uildrim

15–20 min



Game Overview

Uh-oh, this playroom is such a mess. Toys are lying all over the place — it’s time to clean them up!
In Keen Up! your keen eyes and sharp mind are going to help you find all of the toys in the playroom. But be careful: the toys you’re looking for can look a bit different from what you expect!
Be the first to spot the matching pictures and clear your way to victory!

International Publishers

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Key Selling Points

A super-easy and fun game for kids
Boosts the child’s memory, attention, visual recognition


42 Toy cards

42 Playroom cards

Rules of play

Game Rules (EN)

All you need to know to play the game.

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