Meme Stocks

Game Design: Robert Brouwer
Design and Layout: Ksenia Targulyan

15-20 min



Game Overview

Priceless memes now have value — you can exchange funnancial assets and become something of an entrepreneur yourself.

In Meme Stocks you get to trade on the meme markets and exchange funnancial assets. Each turn you purchase memes while trying to follow the market requirements, and collect the most valuable memes out there. Remember, the more recent the meme — the more valuable it is.

1) Make a bid and get a meme from the market.
2) Fulfill the requirement and receive memeback.
3) Collect the most valuable memes!

International Publishers


Key Selling Points

50 Memes that will surely bring nostalgia to the table

The game is explained in 2 minutes


50 Meme cards

25 Player cards

10 Market cards

First Player card

Game Rules

Spanish review by @ludusmundi – Reading time: 2 min.

Un juego de cartas muy accesible donde repasar la historia de los mejores memes de siempre. Hay imágenes que ya forman parte de nuestra vida y que hemos visto un montón de veces con textos variados que hacen reír mucho!

English review by @tabletop_4world – Reading time: 3 min.

Meme Stocks is a very light party game that is best played with more players. It’s fun to try and be in the correct positioning of the bidding in each round while also trying to hit the goals of the market cards

Game Rules (EN)

All you need to know to play the game.

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