Who’s There

Game Designer: Dmitry Kibkalo
Game Development: Magellan
Artwork: M. Sergeeva

15–20 min



Game Overview

Who’s There? is a cute memory game for little kids.

The gameplay is easy. Wooden animal figurines are covered with different cardboard houses. An animal card is revealed, and the players try to guess where that animal is hidden. After a few rounds, the children should remember 3–5 places where certain animals are currently hiding which is pretty impressive for a three years old.

International Publishers

  • Polish edition — “Puk, Puk! Kto tam?” by Trefl

Key Selling Points

Takes 15 sec to explain the rules

High-quality components, wooden pieces

Develops memory and visual recognition

Kind and cute characters


6 wooden animal figurines

6 cardboard houses

6 cards

Rules of play

English subtitles are available, make sure to turn them on:

Game Rules (EN)

All you need to know to play the game.

Sales Sheet

Single-page gameplay overview with all the business information included (MSRP, MOQ, Availability).

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