Game Designers: Yuri Yamschikov, Anastasia Skachkova, Viktor Skachkov
Artwork: Marina Kunakasova, uildrim

20–30 min



Game Overview

In this honey of a mind party game, you will take on the role of the bear scientists with a higher purpose of producing the best honey. You will conduct experiments, undertake research and then release swarms of bees to see who is the most efficient honey maker. You may always profit from the actions of your fellow bears, but bearware! It’s dangerous to have too much honey in front of you, because eventually you won’t stand the temptation!

So are you tougher than the average bear? Let’s see if you can stay true to your purpose and be the first to create the exceptional variety of honey!

International Publishers

Key Selling Points

Easy to learn, fun and fast-paced mind party game
Perfect balance of strategy and luck
Catchy reference to the Breaking Bad series
Family-oriented alternate cover teasing cute card artwork


104 large cards

35 wooden honeycomb markers

25 swarm tokens

26 experience tokens

Game Rules

English Review by Meeple Gamers — Reading Time: 6 min.

All in all, I love the artistic design, and find it fun, and making sense in the world they have created.

German Review at — Reading Time: 4 min.

Bären die im Stile von Breaking Bad Honig panschen und dazu das schicke Material, mit griffigen und übergroßen Karten, ja das Thema und Material hatten mich sofort an der Angel.

Italian Review by I Giochi Del Topo — Reading Time: 5 min.

“Bears & Bees” è un gioco che si può tranquillamente intavolare con chiunque … L’assenza totale di tempi morti, grazie alla meccanica di gioco in contemporanea, rende ogni partita frizzante dall’inizio alla fine.

Bulgarian Review at — Reading Time: 5 min.

Това е леко и бързо преживяване, но с достатъчно дълбочина и взаимодействие между играчите, че да ви даде възможност да блеснете с това, което наричате ум.

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