Lava Land

Game Designers: Luc Rémond, David Simiand
Artwork: Oleg Yurkov, Sergey Dulin, Viktoria Kosheleva, Viktoria Moiseyeva, Tatiana Kholopenko, Vadim Poluboyarov

30 min



Game Overview

Have you heard of Lava Land, a paradise island for tourists and explorers? There is plenty to enjoy: emerald plateaus with ancient temples, tropical fruit growing at every step, and the famous volcano erupting with lava… Wait, what?

On a tour to the main temple of the island, a rather nosy tourist pushed a peculiar lever… and the spirits of the island have awakened! You will be trying to save your lives and the relics of this island by outrunning the lava — with the help of the spirits, if you’re lucky, or hindrance… if not so lucky.

When (and if) you get back home, the World Island Culture Organization will happily accept your miraculously saved relics and offer a handsome reward for your bravery. On your way to the mainland, a continental breakfast you had in the morning will not be enough. Make sure to stash some food for the journey, but don’t drop your guard: your companions can fall victim to the mischievous spirits of the island and push you right into the boiling lava! Oh boy!

International Publishers



Game board

28 Action cards

15 dice (5 yellow, 5 red, 5 blue)

15 Character, Banana, Relic pieces (a set for each player)

1 Lava piece

5 Reference sheets

1 First player token

1 sticker sheet

Game Rules

Key Selling Points

An exciting racing game of reaction and hasty fun

Easy-to-grasp rules and dynamic gameplay

Juicy art style and high-quality wooden components

Huge and splashy game board

Game Rules (EN)

All you need to know to play the game.

Single-page Overview

Learn how to play the game at a glance.

Sell Sheet

Single-page gameplay overview with all the business information included (MSRP, MOQ, Availability).

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