Post Office

Game Design: Evgeniy Petrov
Artwork: Natalya Kondratyuk

45 min



Game Overview

Become employee of the month!

Welcome to our unusual post office! Our employees include mermaid-managers and ogre-loaders as well as talking pets that help our postmen. Routine tasks like sorting packages become an exciting game. Stack similar packages next to each other on the shelves, tape them together and complete challenges — the more efficient you are the more Victory Points you get. Earn the most Victory Points to become employee of the month!

1. Move your assistant along the shelves — it will point to the column or row where to place a package.
2. Place a package onto an empty slot of the shelf.
3. Packages make up a shape of the same color? Tape them up! Now they won’t get lost.

International Publishers


Key Selling Points

Two engaging tasks: neatly stack packages up on shelves by contents, then tape them up

Colorful detailed illustrations by Natalya Kondratyuk, the author behind the comic “Post” and the winner of “Kommissia”


4 shelves pads

112 Package tokens

64 tape tokens of different shapes

4 Assistant markers

4 Assistant marker stands

47 Stamp tokens

9 Challenge tokens


English review by Tabletopping – Reading time: 5 min.

One thing’s for sure—our family game nights just got a lot more interesting. Now, if only real post offices were this magical. Who knows, maybe I’ll start expecting my coworkers to be mermaids and talking pets!

English review by @abroadgame – Reading time: 2 min.

There is just the right amount of decision space and crunch to go along with how quick and smooth the gameplay is. It feels satisfying to place the packages in just the right locations and happens quickly enough to keep the game moving. Overall this gets a big thumbs up from me!

English review by @madboardgamer – Reading time: 2 min.

I really enjoy Post Office and am hoping for a larger release of the game! I love games that take polyomino tile placement and put a twist on it. <…> Fingers crossed that Post Office seems more attention and production as I think it’s a game people will really like.

The Gamecasters Podcast

Englsih review by @tabletopping – Reading time: 2 min.

We’re hooked on this game! Its playful theme keeps us engaged and entertained every time.

Dutch review by @spelletjesfanaten – Reading time: 1 min.

Post Office is een toegankelijk spelletje wat vlot wegspeelt. Het thema is geinig verzonnen en het artwork met de bijpassende tekeningetjes en strips is leuk gedaan.

Spanish review by @unasmazmorritas – Reading time: 2 min.

Sin ser especialmente complejo, Post Office es un juego que puede encajar tanto con un público más casual como con los más jugones, pues siempre habrá que tomar ciertas decisiones.

A nivel artístico, Post Office presenta unas ilustraciones muy bonitas y coloridas, y unos componentes de buena calidad en general, aunque la caja podría ser un poco más gruesa.

English/Spanish review by @meeplefoundry – Reading time: 2 min.

Tile placement game that has it all: delightful artwork, tetris tokens, placement by coordinates, objectives scoring, puzzle, scoring based on multipliers, a dog, a kitty, a hamster, a pigeon and pleeenty of fun. Post Office feels fresh, and we consider that its mechanics have been smartly mixed in a cocktail shaker.

Game Rules (EN)

All you need to know to play the game.

Sell Sheet

Single-page gameplay overview with all the business information included (MSRP, MOQ, Availability).

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