Sunflower Valley

Game Designer: Wouter van Strien
Artwork: Alexander Shaldin

45–60 min



Game Overview

Roll’n’draw your perfect valley!

In Sunflower Valley, you draw your own mountain valley based on the tactical use of a shared pool of dice. Spread your villages throughout the valley and connect them with railways to earn points. Meanwhile, gain extra rewards for cheering up your villagers by cleverly planting sunflowers around the mountains. Remember that your villagers need enough sheep, too! And there are other players out there competing for the most valuable dice, so grab a marker and start drawing your valley in this creative strategy game!

Sunflower Valley is a creative pen-and-paper world-building game. Score points by drawing icons in the colored regions on your drawing map by cleverly using the dice. The game ends when no free spots remain on any player’s board. The player with the highest score at the end of the game wins!

International Publishers

Key Selling Points

A very accessible roll-and-write entry
A nice family game offering deep strategic choices
Dry erase boards and markers
High replayability: 8 different sheet sets, multiple winning strategies
Bright colors and a cute theme give it a lot of visual charm


1 game board

20 double-sided laminated sheets

6 custom dice

5 erasable markers

1 first player token

Game rules

Tom Heath (@slicker_drips) says:

Sunflower Valley is some great dice drafting & drawing – luckily only you need to know what your drawings were meant to be!

English Review by Geek Dad — Reading Time: 7 min.

Sunflower Valley is GeekDad Approved!

English Review at — Reading Time: 7 min.

It’s a very pleasant dice drafting roll-and-write, and if you’re into that sort of thing, it might be worth checking out! I thought it was a pleasant experience.

English Review at — Reading Time: 5 min.

4 Stars – Fun roll & write that’s quick to learn. The fact that Sunflower Valley includes dry erase boards and markers mean you won’t be destroying a valley in order to create your own.

English Review at — Reading Time: 4 min.

In my opinion, Sunflower Valley is a lovely family-friendly world-building game. At the moment there are quite a lot of creative pen-and-paper games out there, but Sunflower Valley is probably the best of these games to play with smaller children.

German Review at — Reading Time: 4 min.

Ich mag Roll’n’Write-Spiele, Sonnenblumen und Schafe, daher trifft dieses Spiel genau in mein Beuteschema.

German Review at — Reading Time: 4 min.

Es spielt sich schnell, ist für Grundschulkinder geeignet und entwickelt sich mit Erwachsenen, dank kompetitiver, wie leicht taktischer Nuancen, zum wirklich spaßigen Würfelspiel.

German Review at — Reading Time: 3 min.

Auch wenn das Spiel zum Malen anregen muss: Man braucht kein Talent à la van Gogh, um bei Sunflower Valley reüssieren zu können.

German Review at — Reading Time: 3 min.

“Sunflower Valley” ist gute, schnelle Unterhaltung.

German Review at — Reading Time: 5 min.

Dieses Roll-and-Write-Spiel hat definitiv den “Ach-wie-süß”-Faktor. Klare Empfehlung meinerseits!

German Review at — Reading Time: 2 min.

Auf den ersten Blick wirk „SV“ wie ein seichtes Familien-, ja Kinderspiel, aber mitnichten, hier steckt viel drin und es will gut überlegt werden, was der nächste Schritt sein soll – natürlich auch immer etwas in Abhängigkeit der gewürfelten Möglichkeiten!

Spanish Review at — Reading Time: 6 min.

La sensación de estar jugando con el resto está más vigente que en el juego azul y rojo.

Portuguese Review at — Reading Time: 7 min.

Em resumo podemos dizer que SV é um jogo com regras relativamente simples que proporciona partidas rápidas, muito interativas e com material de boa qualidade.

French Review at — Reading Time: 3 min.

La bonne grosse tension, liée aux faces des dés et aux couleurs des cases.

Dutch Review at Spellenblog Spinli — Reading Time: 2 min.

De scoremogelijkheden blijven beperkt en overzichtelijk, het is geen puntensalade.

Polish Review at — Reading Time: 5 min.

Muszę przyznać, że każda chwila spędzona nad Sunflower Valley dawała mi sporo frajdy.

Polish Review at — Reading Time: 6 min.

4,88/6 — Sunflower Valley trzeba potraktować jak grę rodzinną, do zabawy z dziećmi, a nie grę taktyczną. Jeżeli tak do niej podejdziemy, to jest w niej sporo zabawy i można porysować razem z dziećmi słonecznikową dolinę.

Bulgarian Review at — Reading Time: 4 min.

Sunflower Valley е една от най-добрите Roll and Write игри, които съм пробвал, като с минималните си и минималистични компоненти предлага изненадваща дълбочина.

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