The Golden Sails

Game Designer: Yuri Zhuravlev
Artwork: Sergey Dulin, Marina Korchagina, Bambrs., Gitalgo, Uildrim

30–45 min



Game Overview

Every year the merchant houses in Waard equip a caravan of ships to visit the distant islands of the wizarding world. Traders stop at twelve ports with the hope of acquiring unicorns and phoenixes, pepper and cloves, outlandish weapons, spells, and gems — then, of course, returning home to sell these exotic products for a huge profit. Merchants can’t always get what they want in The Golden Sails, though, so they need to be flexible in their plans…

The Golden Sails is a deep card game in a small box. You need to plan your purchases carefully in order to get the best combination of spices, animals, gemstones, weapons, spells, and beat your opponents.

International Publishers

  • The US edition — Coming soon

Key Selling Points

Small box — incredibly deep gameplay
Versatile strategies, numerous scoring options
Gorgeous artwork, bright bold colors
Alternate cover artwork for your consideration


48 Goods cards

20 Expert cards

5 Reference cards

1 first player card

1 score pad

Rules of play

All the Meeples of the Rainbow says:

Love the bright bold colors. Fun and fast set collection.

English Review by @zenracer — Reading Time: 1 min.

Lots of thinking on the fly.

Bulgarian Review at — Reading Time: 4 min.

На стратезите със сигурност би била приятна, защото предлага повече възможности от някои тактически военни игри.

Game Rules (EN)

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