Tales of Tails

Game Design: Denis Saydashev
Artwork: uildrim, Ekaterina Zharova, Kristina Soozar

30 min



Game Overview

Welcome to the magical dungeon escape competition! The goodest of boys and girls descend into the dark rooms to fight monsters and collect the most trophies. The winner gets honor, glory, titles and mountains of gold as well as some very tasty treats.

1. Build a dungeon out of room cards.
2. Choose the best way out of the dungeon and use it before others do.
3. Collect gold! Defeat monsters! Complete quests!

International Publishers


Key Selling Points

A level up system — your adventures make you stronger

Great replayability: unique dungeons in each round

Treasure chests and trophies — snatch all the gold from underneath everyone’s noses!


108 cards

6 doggo player boards

46 tokens

Game rules

Game Rules (EN)

All you need to know to play the game.

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