Dino Journey

Game Designer: Mikhail Rozanov
Artwork: Oleg Yurkov, Svetlana Pikul, Lyubov Nazarova

10 min



Game Overview


The dinos rush to aid each other to run away from the volcano together!
In this cooperative game for children players roll a die each turn to make their dinos meet on the same tile. Sometimes lava is rolled on the die, and the volcano erupts again! Help the dinos meet six times as shown on the cards, and you’ll win!

International Publishers


Key Selling Points

Teaches to talk to each other and make joint decisions

Helps develop cooperation between children

Puts everyone in good mood


3 dino standees with stands

Double-sided game board

15 meeting cards showing which dinos must meet, and where

A die and a sticker page for it

6 lava tokens

Lava crystal for the volcano

Build-up volcano

Game Rules

Box 255х255х62 mm

Game Rules (EN)

All you need to know to play the game.

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