Inside the Box

Game Designer: Damir Khusnatdinov
Artwork: Ksenia Targulyan,, Chanut is Industries, maxicons

30 min



Game Overview

What’s in the box?
The objective of the game is to answer that question. Every round one of the players becomes the leader and finds out which package others have to find. After that they lay out category cards, hinting at what’s in it. The objective of the other players is to guess the package and place their token onto it. The closer the token is to the correct package — the more points the player gets. The first player to get 25 points wins.

International Publishers


Key Selling Points

Great replayability

Easy to learn

Great for family evenings and fun parties


Point tracker board

38 category cards

75 package cards

18 player tokens

6 point-tracker markers

A pair of plus and minus cards

25 placement cards


English review by Casual Game Revolution – Reading time: 4 min.

Inside the Box is a fun party game that leads to some interesting thought experiments as you try to figure out how the wide range of objects could fit into the different categories. Not every player is going to see eye-to-eye, which adds to the fun, challenge, and discussions that take place during the game.

English review by All the Meeples of the Rainbow – Reading time: 1 min.

Great new party-type game, but feels more thinky. Sort of a Wavelength meets Codenames. You will use clue cards to try and get everyone else guess your image. There are different ways to bet which reminded me a little of Roulette. The clue cards are clever as they are hints like “can wake you up in the morning” and you put it on a scale no to yes. Totally fun and a game I will be happy to play more of.

English Review by @unfilteredgamer – Reading time: 2 min.

The items on the cards are fun and everyone can compete thanks to a simple rule set and accessible gameplay. It’s a bit of a thinking-man’s party game, but one I could even see my kids breaking out with friends. The best part is it’s something that feels engaging for adults as well making it a true family-style game. 

English Review by @tabletop_4world – Reading time: 4 min.

Overall we found Inside the Box fun both at higher player counts and with just the 2 of us. The feel of the game is different but it’s equally fun in our opinion. If you are looking for something very light, fun and fast to play, then check it out!

Game Rules (EN)

All you need to know to play the game.

Sell Sheet

Single-page gameplay overview with all the business information included (MSRP, MOQ, Availability).

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