Game Design: Igor Sklyuev, Ekaterina Gorn
Artwork: Semyon Proskuryakov, Yuri Cherednik

60–120 min



Game Overview

Welcome to Neo Nagoya!
In the next few hours we will witness the greatest show of our time. Top cybernetic corporations send their fighters to clash in the ocean based arena-city, but only one hero will get to keep the winner’s title for the next two years. Bets are placed, cameras are rolling, fighters are ready, millions of viewers from all over the world are at the edge of their seats. A truly grand day awaits us!

You are honored with the opportunity to represent your corporation in the Tournament and face other cyborg fighters. Each of you are a flawless athlete of the future, chock-full of implants, a master of your weapon with your signature fighting style and unique moves. Now that you are in the ghost city, use your ingenuity and reflexes to get the best out of your ability: search through every nook and cranny from the subway to the TV tower to find the most powerful armor and weapons, hide behind a forcefield, sneak-attack and escape submerging sectors. Explore every avenue and remember: the winner takes it all!

International Publishers


Key Selling Points

Battle royale on your table

Three Game Modes allowing you to play for scores, for survival or as a team

Great replayability: modular game board, 66 Equipment cards, 6 Fighters with different characteristics


10 Sectors

8 Sheets

8 Dice

6 Fighter miniatures

1 Drop ship

1 Automa standee

122 Cards

128 Tokens

6 Energy trackers


NEON – Battle Royale Game Overview

Learn more about the genre and how it turned out to be a boardgame!

NEON – Behind the Scenes of Game Development

Learn more about some details of the development and production processes!

Game Rules (EN)

All you need to know to play the game.

Achievement Sheet

A player’s achievement sheet to print out and fill in after every game played.

Sell Sheet

Single-page gameplay overview with all the business information included (MSRP, MOQ, Availability).

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